Flexible Packaging Developments

The recent feature of our HP Indigo 20000 Printing Press on Print 21 has been exciting for both us and the print and packaging market. But what's in it for you?
Indigo 20000 Digital Printer Ff Model Id17082 1 20000Tn

You've just started your own business in the food manufacturing, pharmaceutical or cosmetic industry and you're feeling a little overwhelmed by all the new information and developments being thrown at you. A new machine being introduced to the print and packaging market- sure, that's cool but what does it mean for you?

The HP Indigo 20000 Printing Press is a game-changing machine for both printers and business owners. On the technical side, it has the ability to digitally print on a 750mm wide web as compared to the typical 330mm. On the business side, the ability to print on a wider web allows for more variations being printed, and a faster turnaround.

This means that as small business owners, faster turnarounds can help you focus more on expanding and developing your brand. You also have all the advantages of a digital printing press such as the ability to print multiple ( SKU ) variations, the ability to print in smaller quantities as compared to printing in bulk and a myriad of finishes and materials to choose from to increase your product's shelf appeal!

No more mucking around with your packaging, accommodating your design to reach those bulk print requirements or just putting time and effort in unnecessary places. Focus on the important, focus on your brand.

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