Feeding frenzy: How to boost your new brand's shelf appeal in 4 easy steps!

Did you know that your friendly neighbourhood supermarket probably holds at least 40,000 different items? That's a lot of jostling for the ultimate shelf appeal!
To stand out on a crowded shelf and ensure your new food brand commands immediate attention from passing shoppers, there are some vital tricks your centre seal bags need to perform.
Here's 4 of the easiest that will increase your product's 'selectability' straight away:


1.Keep your centre seal bags design simple

You'll probably find this exercise surprisingly difficult. For instance, it's not unusual to see product packaging that lists benefits without a clear brand name. Some will probably look great at a glance but won't explain clearly enough what they're for; some might have a packaging design that doesn't match their product's purpose at all.

Trick #1: Ensure your centre seal bags clearly reflect your product and state your brand.

2. Be different, be original

In the supermarket space, consumers will rarely get up close and personal with your product. They will generally see it in the context of other like-minded products.

The way we view supermarket products isn't random: viewing distance and row/column arrangements are carefully considered to help customers see patterns. It's only when a pattern arrests our attention that we take a closer look.

It's also a good idea to test your packaging in context- sometimes simple designs 'pop' on a shelf far more readily than expensive, complex designs.

Trick #2: Make your centre seal bags design distinctive from the competition so that it sells more.

3. Plan ahead

The most effective new packaging designs allow for additional variations as you extend your brand without sacrificing visual appeal. Although you may start with one new food product, chances are you'll want to add more as your business grows. Make sure your packaging has the capacity to grow with your brand- you'll save on having to redesign your packaging and maintain shopper loyalty, too.

Trick #3: Think ahead to your family of products so that they work in concert with each other. Better still, ask your packaging printer to do a multiple variant short run so you can see how your lines might look placed on the shelf together.

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4. Consider usability and performance.

Research shows more practical packaging sells more product - think Heinz' upside down sauce bottles or that fiendishly simple yet so clever handle added to bulk toilet roll products.

Surprisingly, usability is one of the most overlooked features of shelf appeal even though it's proven to be more attractive to shoppers.

Trick #4: Make it easier for people to use, access, store or carry your product and you'll boost your bottom line, too.

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