Digital printing on the rise:

Q&A panel with Print21 + PKN LIVE

3 August 2018 - Part of a panel of three, our Managing Director, Ross Read, was invited to speak at the Print21 + PKN LIVE seminar held in Sydney in early August 2018. The Q&A forum was addressing the rise of digital print and what it can do for business and brand owners.
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Digital printing has been on a rise in recent years. Its distinction from conventional printing has made it easier for business and brand owners to operate by giving the opportunity to

  • Print in amounts they require rather than in bulk.
  • Handle multiple (SKU) variations in one print run, which can be valuable if you've got several flavours of the same product-type.
  • Develop and implement new product ranges and take them to the market quickly.

With new and growing developments in the print industry, it's essential to keep up. Print 21 + PKN LIVE understands this need and thus hosted the first-of-it's-kind seminar- an important step towards understanding the advantages in digital print.

Read Labels & Packaging was invited to speak at the seminar, providing a unique perspective on digital print in the packaging world. After the installation of our HP Indigo 20000 printing press, we have been able to break into new markets within the packaging industry.

The press is specifically designed with flexible packaging in mind, allowing production of a larger range of bag sizes which has proven to be beneficial in the flexible packaging industry. The seminar proved to be an opportunity to share our insights on the HP 20000 press.

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