Redesigning The Brand: Get Raw

We've stumbled across this inspiring brand success story from our friends over at Under Consideration. While we did not manufacture the flexible packaging featured in this article, we do have the capabilities to produce similar products!
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Founded in 2013, Get Raw is a healthier alternative to snacking. The health bar is made out of real fruit and nuts that are organic, vegan, gluten-free and refined sugar-free. It's meant to give you the indulgence and satisfaction of snacking -just without the junk.

Get Raw's original logo had funky vibrant colours paired with unique typography next to illustrated monsters. The unconventional combination of aesthetics portrayed the brand as being a snack for kids rather than for adults which was far from what the owners of Get Raw intended.

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The redesigned logo, done by a Swedish based company called Snask, features handwritten typography in a felt tip which is meant to convey it's rawness. The use of a marker for the logo creates bold lines with rough edges that perfectly describes the brand itself- the boldness, the energy and most importantly the rawness.

The mother and daughter duo have since expanded their brand to create their own line of customised merchandise to align with their marketing strategy.

The makeover was much needed for the company as the old logo did not embody what Get Raw really was about.

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The importance of a good design is often looked over by business owners because not many understand it's value. Your product's packaging is one of the first things that captures the attention of potential customers. Therefore having a design that is not only eye-catching but also something that accurately represents your brand is paramount.

We understand this need and do our best to transform your concept into reality right here in Melbourne. With a range of materials and finishes to choose from, we guarantee your packaging will reach is full shelf appeal potential!

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