Why Flexible Packaging?

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Your packaging is probably one of the first impressions your customer will have of your product therefore it is absolutely paramount that you hit the nail on the head with this one.

It should not only represent your brand perfectly but should also have the appropriate functionality and have the shelf appeal that would capture the attention of potential customers- no pressure at all there!

We know how challenging it is for a growing business to establish themselves in the big market, that's why we're here to help. Here are some tips you'll want to know before making that big leap!

Flexible Packaging has shelf appeal

The WOW factor- stand up pouches do significantly better than other packaging options like bottles and boxes. They provide a fixed surface area to work with when compared to boxes, jars and cans which can have a relative surface area depending on how it's being stacked on the shelves and which edge is outward on display. Say goodbye to accommodating designs to the shape of your packaging, no more fuss about whether the curves of a bottle will change your packaging design!

If you'd like to know more about how to increase your shelf appeal, we have an article catered to answering your burning shelf appeal queries here

Flexible Packaging is practical

Stand up pouches come with a resealable zipper which provides consumers with convenient storage and reusability. Less bulk, less space, more convenient! Functionality and easy on the eyes- how good is that?

Flexible Packaging is versatile

It is the chameleon of the packaging industry- able to adapt and suit more than one type of product.

Whether you're thinking of selling pet food, screws and bolts, cosmetic products or even detergent- they can all be stored inside a stand up pouch! Talk about versatility!

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Flexible Packaging is economical

Stand up pouches weigh significantly less, and take up less storage space than boxes, jars and containers. This means that more stand up pouches can fit into a box resulting in less quantities of boxes needed to ferry the same amount of product as compared to jars or containers.

While it may seem inconsequential to some, this can result in cutting down of transportation costs because less trucks are needed to deliver the same amount of product. Less trucks on the road can lead to less congestion which also leads to less collective greenhouse gases emitted. So overall you're not only doing a favor for yourself but also for the environment- it's a win-win for all!

Flexible packaging protects

Let's not forget the number one functionality of packaging- protection and durability. Unlike glass jars and cans, stand up pouches don't get smashed or dented which can result in spoilage and breakage affecting the quality of it's contents.

So now you've decided on packaging your product in a stand up pouch, what's next? Understanding how digital print works and how it might benefit your growing business is a good start when considering your options.

On digitally produced flexible packaging

There are options abound when it comes to packaging manufacturing therefore it is important that you find the one most suited for you and your business. One of the fastest growing trends in the packaging industry is digital print- but what does it mean for you?

  • Smaller minimum orders of approximately 2000 pieces per run, means that as a growing business you have the option of printing in amounts that you require rather than in bulk, which often are more expensive.
  • Multiple SKU's in one print run, means that you have the opportunity to develop your business and test out new markets.
  • Faster lead times and less set up costs, means that SMEs can focus on expanding their brand affordably.
  • Stunning quality without compromising the price.
  • Customized to suit the needs of a growing business - it is your concept to reality in no time!

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      Flexible Packaging has a lot of benefits to it and helps to open up a bunch of new opportunities especially for the growing business. If you'd like to speak with someone about flexible packaging, call +61 3 9397 0355. Alternatively, shoot us an email at info@readlabel.com.au.

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