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Stand tall in your category. Our remarkable flexible packaging solutions help you lead the way.

Get realistically priced, custom packaging runs perfect for the way you do business.

Supermarkets and big supply chains won't give you a second glance if your packaging's not up to their standards.

We work specifically with small to medium businesses looking to take their brand to the next stage with a range of flexible packaging options approved by supermarkets.

We know what works and can create an affordable, high quality solution that gets you off to a flying start.

  • Short to Medium printing runs
  • Responsive lead times
  • Multiple variant (SKU) runs
  • Huge range of materials & finishes
  • Custom designed to your specs
  • Affordable, stunning quality

Here's what we do:

Self-Standing Pouches – Display your products in their best light.

Great looking stand up pouches are the gold standard for flexible packaging – if you're serious about taking on the global leaders in your category, this is the place to start.

Our digital printing options make it easier (and more affordable) for small to medium marketers and manufacturers to create new product families and explore new brand lines.

Stay agile in the market place and keep innovating by using our very latest technology to sidestep expensive set up costs.

Centre Seal Bags – The mainstay of flexible packaging.

As you build your brand, it's vital to keep your options open. With our short run centre seal bags (sometimes called 'pillow' or 'fin seal' bags), you can.

Once upon a time, you'd have to fork out for thousands or sometimes hundreds of thousands of centre seal bags per printing run. We've put paid to that idea.

Our digital technology means you can now get bags for your business in real world volumes – which lets you try multiple variants to see which works best.

We create your bag and leave one end open. You insert your product and seal. Simple.

Flow Wrap – We print it. You package and seal it.

If you just need film printed with your design to create the package yourself, we can help.

Also known as form, fill, or seal film, this is a great option for house brands. Because small volume runs are a specialty, our flow wrap option lets you test your markets more effectively and sensibly.

Let's talk flexible packaging now.

Find out how our custom packaging solutions can catapult your brand into the big leagues. Call 03 9397 0355 or click here to ask for a quote or free sample pack today.


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