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Australian made packaging and local support helping business owners succeed.

When Holly began her business, she wanted professional-looking, well-branded product packaging and it was important to her that her business, as an Aussie-based business itself, was supporting Australian made, as much as possible.

From her very first time approaching a packaging supplier, she found RLP (now part of qlm flexibles) support was invaluable as she says “I asked a ton of questions and no question was ever too silly.” With the process of finding flexible packaging having overwhelmed her for years, in her words the team was ‘awesome’.

As we chatted about the overwhelming process of organising the very first print run of branded packaging, there was one ongoing theme. The support received throughout the process was invaluable, between determining the correct packaging type for the product (in this case healthy treats crafted for Rabbits and Guinea Pigs) and ensuring the print was correct. As Holly worked for the first time with a graphic designer, the ability to ask questions along the way gave her the confidence to move forward with Smooshie Face Treats' first branded stand up pouch print run.

“For this I thank you. As for many small businesses, taking the next step into professional packaging is way out of reach. Your business helps others realise their dreams, as has my own” Holly.

Since her very first order, Holly has had great success in selling her product to wholesalers with her products looking smashing on the shelf! Having multiple products (SKUs) within the Smooshie Face Treats range, the branding is on point throughout the range, making it an eye-catching product for families with furry friends, it is little wonder retailers love the stand up pouches (or loved them. Read on….)

Coloured pet food stand up pouches on shelving Read Labels and Packaging

Multiple SKUs and smaller minimum print runs for stand up pouches had Holly keeping up with demand as both the online business and wholesale side of things were going great guns, but in Holly’s words, the wholesale business had grown into something that was so large (yes that is good news) that she just wasn’t feeling it. It’s a good news story we promise…

Initially, great-looking, fully branded pet product packaging was part of the marketing strategy to help Holly realise her wholesale and retail dreams for Smooshie Face Treats. Now that she has, Holly is not only pairing back on wholesale orders completely to focus on selling only through her own online platform, she is also in the process of purchasing her stand up pouches at her largest volume yet, even after moving away from wholesaling entirely!

Blue pet food stand up pouch Read Labels and Packaging

Great-looking flexible packaging, and of course a personable brand paired with the great product has helped Smooshie Face Treats reach its business goals, and then redefine them with great success. Sometimes business journeys look a little different but in the end, whatever your goal, professional branded packaging paired with the support you need to move forward with confidence will help you get there.

Got questions like Holly did? Reach out, we would be happy to arrange a chat about your packaging needs, large or small.