Our pets love great product packaging too!

Pet Botanica Stand Up Pouch

From the everyday essentials that keep pets thriving to those extra special treats (just because we like to spoil them), flexible packaging is an excellent option for keeping your product fresh and on hand whenever it is needed.

People with pets are known for spoiling their loved ones with an extra special treat or something that is good for them and can make the owner feel that little bit special.

A premium looking product is more likely to be picked off the shelf over a competitor with shabby packaging, so getting it right from the start can help build the success of a brand from the get-go.

Here at Read Labels and Packaging, we focus only on digitally printed flexible packaging and labels for reasons that can really make a difference to a small business or start-up. The advantages of using digital print for packaging can impact a business by:

  • Allowing orders of smaller MOQs (Minimum Order Quantities)

  • Permitting multi SKU orders within the print run

  • Digital printing allows for many finishes and embellishment, so there are almost no restrictions to what you can do in terms of design!

Metallic Embellishments on Food Packaging

With the pet industry thriving in Australia both in retail stores and online, if it's time your brand got a fresh look or time you took the plunge in taking your product idea to market it may be time to take a closer look at what product packaging is available for your business.

Undoubtedly one of the most popular product packaging choices for this industry, this flexible packaging option offers the customer a great looking product that also works as a storage option for the pet food product.

The ability to fully brand a stand-up pouch in a way that suits your business branding is an advantage to every business as the importance of product recognition is high on the list when it comes to marketing your product.

The features of a Stand Up Pouch include:

  • Multiple sizes available from small snack size to bulk product size;

  • Easy tear open notch for easy access to the product;

  • The ability to reseal the product for freshness (and keeping any pet food smells contained);

  • Keeps products fresh;

  • Stands up easily on a shelf, looking great 100% of the time;

Pantry ready stand up pouches are a great reminder of your brand every time a customer reaches for your product!

DRP Aquatics Stand Up Pouch


Getting your product range into great-looking packaging is easier when using digitally printed packaging from our team. With the ability to print multiple SKUs within your print run, you can get your whole range looking great at the same time and can restock as you need when you need without investing in thousands of flexible packaging units for each SKU.

To read about how businesses are making the most of digitally printed product packaging for their brands, head to our blog now.

Branded your way.

Digital print allows us the ability to print product packaging with almost any look you can design without the need for expensive print plates that can result in high-cost packaging and huge minimum orders. Printing custom digitally printed packaging requires only your artwork files created on templates that are provided in our download section.

Once artwork is supplied we can create full colour branded packaging and printed labels with all the special effects and finishes you would expect, without the added cost associated with traditionally printed packaging. Moving to digitally printed packaging will give you the benefits of well-branded packaging on the shelf without the added cost.

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