Health and Wellbeing Product Labeling

Creating your own inspired look with digitally printed product labels & flexible packaging.

Digitally printed flexible product packaging and labels from Read Labels and Packaging can give your brand the look you desire within a budget that allows you to remain flexible within your business.

White stand up pouch The Australian Super Food Co

The health and wellbeing market can include products that range from herbal teas, supplements, nutritional foods and even beauty products such as cosmetics and skincare. With such a wide range of products considered part of the ‘health & wellbeing’ market the list of products is endless. When it comes to product labels and packaging, remember to think outside the box when reviewing your branding and consider digitally printed flexible packaging and labels for your products. With many key features that appeal to most end users you are sure to find a solution that deserves consideration and meets the needs of your business.

Health and wellbeing products can be presented on shelf and online in many varied ways, using many popular packaging types, such as:


With labelling being the most popular for pharmaceutical bottles and bulk product type bottles and pouches, they can be a cost effective way of informing your customers with an eye catching design, however; with the addition of special effects within the design, product labelling can also bring a premium touch to glass jars, unique product boxes, plastic pouches and more.

The limits are virtually endless when it comes to digitally printed labels. The effects within the design can include spot colour varnishes, luxurious gold and silver foiling, special edging and sizing completely unique to your brand.

With the ability to be manufactured specifically to meet your requirements, making the most of our smaller minimums and multi-sku print runs can enable your business to stay on top of inventory or product range changes by printing only what you need, as you need it.

Why use us for your premium labels?

The right branding can bring your product to life, capturing the attention of potential customers quickly is essential in a market that is often filled with options. As self confessed labelling experts with many years of experience we can help you with:

  • Timely advice and expertise to help save cost

  • Huge range of materials & finishes

  • Stunning quality

  • Quick turnaround

  • Smaller minimum orders

  • Multi SKU printing

Cosmetic packaging and skincare packaging can often be left behind on shelf if the packaging solution just doesn’t cut it in terms of look and feel for the target market. Labels and packaging go hand in hand so give your product packaging the boost it needs with premium labels to get your product noticed.

Stand Up Pouches

Green stand up pouch packaging Chai Spice Vedic Matcha Powder

Stand up zipper pouches as they are sometimes called can be a great way to get your health and wellbeing products to stand up proudly on shelf - literally.

Digitally printed stand up pouches have a range of features and benefits that can work for many product types and are seen widely across the industry. In most cases a digitally printed stand up pouch can eliminate the need for labels and lower the cost of packaging for business and give a premium look for less.

Advantages of using a stand up pouch for packaging can include:

  • No need for product labels

  • Easy to pack, store and send to the end user

  • Keeps product fresh

  • Leak proof protection

  • Easily sealed with a heat sealer

  • Can be resealed by customer, great for storage

  • Looks great on the shelf!

As with all our flexible packaging options, smaller minimums, quick turnaround and the ability to print multiple SKUs within your print run make stand up pouches an economical choice for many products. Find out more about stand up pouches on our product page HERE.

Sachets and 3SS

Sachet size flexible product packaging nutrition supplement

Not just for large brands, sachets and 3SS flexible packaging is achievable for start-up brands and small businesses. A great option for single use products, they have also been proven in some cases to help build sales by allowing potential customers to try a product prior to purchasing a full size product.

Sachet size packaging can be fully branded and include special effects to give it a finish and look that suits your unique branding.

Sachets and 3SS packaging have features that include:

  • Easily sealed with a heat sealer

  • Keeps product fresh

  • Leak proof protection

  • Smaller minimums

  • Multi SKU printing

Packaging that demands attention.

Research tells us products only have a very short time to attract a shoppers attention on the shelf so branding and packaging is paramount for success in the retail sector. By taking advantage of the smaller minimums and multi SKU digital printing available to your business through Read Labels and Packaging your new product or brand can be seen its its best light from the get go and stand on its own next to larger brands, so why go to market with less than impressive packaging and risk being left on the shelf? 

Chat to our team today about flexible packaging or labelling options for your brand.