Side Gusset Pouches

We offer a range of premium digitally printed side gusset pouches that are made with the latest print technology to help your products get noticed.

Get noticed with premium digitally printed side gusset pouches that really attract attention.

Designed to give your product excellent protection and enhance its shelf life, side gusset pouches are easily sealed with a simple heat sealer, quick and easy to give your product leak-proof protection.

When looking to package coffee there are many options to consider in regards to the look and feel of the packaging and the functionality of the packaging for the end user. We know that every brand has an idea of what style they are after for their coffee packaging and finding the right product label or packaging is a very important part of the process in getting your branding right.

Side gusset pouches are a flexible pouch that are frequently used for bulk coffee beans or ground coffee. They have quite a traditional look that has been used widely in the coffee industry and prove to be an inexpensive coffee packaging option.

Enhancing shelf life

When it comes to keeping your product fresh, side gusset pouches have been proven to be effective in creating a great impression on the shelf and when opened by the end user. The features of side gusset pouches include:

  • Easily sealed using a heat sealer

  • Ability to add a one way valve

  • Leak proof protection

What is a one way valve?

Adding a one way valve (or two) to your flexible product packaging can help alleviate the problematic gas build up that can sometimes happen with freshly roasted beans. For a very minimal investment the shelf life of your product can be vastly improved by essentially allowing your coffee to ‘de-gas’ without the need to risk leaving it in the open air and becoming slightly stale before packaging. Freshly roasted beans will stay fresher longer with a one way valve.

Looking just like a pin hole in the packaging the valve will have almost no visible affect on your branding, but make every difference to the taste.

Getting your branding right

Creating a product that demands the kind of attention you are looking for from new customers and remains memorable for your loyal followers takes great branding and packaging design. When you choose side gusset pouches for your product you are choosing a flexible packaging product that has been a favourite for coffee businesses for many years. When it comes to packaging design, there are many reasons why, including:

  • Side gusset pouches stand nicely on shelf

  • They can be fully branded, with every available space available for digital print

  • They are easily fully sealed for no accidental leaks and spills

  • One way valves remain almost invisible within the design

  • They can be designed as kraft style using digital print

Read labels and packaging only uses digital printing on the best materials to ensure great colour, detail and special effects on all our packaging and labelling. Made right here in Melbourne by a team with many years of experience, you will be impressed by the quality in print every time. With samples available for you to touch, feel and try, be sure to ask us about our FREE sample pack so you can review your options.

Perfect for coffee

Of course, most of our product packaging has many purposes and can suit a wide range of product categories, although we find side gusset pouches are primarily used by those in the roasting industry. An alternative packaging version of a box bottom bag, the side gusset pouch is an economical way to fully brand your packaging, creating a solution to storing your packaged coffee while keeping it fresh.

Add a one way valve to keep your coffee fresher for longer and create product packaging to get noticed.

Skip the large packaging expense

Supporting small businesses has always been a passion of ours and our digitally printed product packaging helps us do that everyday by keeping minimum order quantities (MOQs) low and multiple SKU printing within reach of all businesses, including startups and small businesses.

Seeing our customers take advantage of:

  • Smaller MOQs

  • Multi SKU printing

  • Customer support - your own account manager

  • Located in Melbourne

Build your brand

When you are looking for full support for your packaging, chatting to the team at Read Labels and Packaging can be beneficial in many ways. By ensuring you have a team behind you with experience you can trust, you can move forward with your business with confidence.

When it comes to expanding your product range we are here to support you with multiple options for digitally printed packaging, product labels and supportive industry knowledge. When you call, you are chatting directly to the team that will see your printed packaging through from artwork approval to delivery, every time; that's what makes us different.

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