Sachets & 3SS

Perfectly suited to small product samples & individual servings.
Get your brand out there in style!

Brand awareness

Perfectly suited to small product samples, our sachets are a great option for expanding your business. With packaging designed specifically with your branding, it will be instantly recognised.

Our sachets and flexible packaging options are an easy, low risk way to be noticed in your market.

Sized to suit single serves or product samples, three side seal (3SS) and sachets are a great way to introduce new product to consumers and get your product noticed.

Not limited to food packaging, sachets and 3SS can be a great option for smaller products. Get your product retail ready with our flexible packaging solutions.

Sealed for freshness

Easily sealed after packing, sachets are a great fit for single serve portions and product samples. Convenient for your customers to pick up and go, fully branded to remind them of your brand they can create the perfect opportunity to keep your brand front of mind at all times.

With the ability to seal fully, your product remains fresher for longer.

Small volume

With our digital print options you can create a design to suit your branding needs with small minimums and the option to print multiple SKU’s within each print run. Build your brand with the help of our flexible packaging solutions.

By enabling business to print multiple SKU’s and consider smaller minimums, the ability to move as the market does and create products as needed, special edition products or add a new flavour to your product range are possible with minimum fuss, and less expense to your business.

Expand your business

With the opportunity to print small minimums as well as multiple SKU’s, your options are not limited with Read Labels & Packaging. Our digitally printed sachets allow the flexibility you need to be able to maximise every opportunity that presents itself, giving you the ability to pivot with the market as your business needs to grow and succeed against your competition.

Product Samples

Three side seal bags or pouches are an economical packaging solution. With minimal effort required to package goods and seal pouches, the simple design is user friendly for you and eye catching to consumers.

With no side gusset or folds, three side seal bags are a great solution for your small products, sample or single serve products and dried foods such as spices and snacks.

The opportunity to get your fully branded product into more hands is here with our sachets and three side seal packaging options.

Multiple SKU’s

Just starting out, or trialling a new product range? By using digital print technology your options in regards to printing multiple SKU’s are endless.

We are passionate about helping start ups and small to medium businesses succeed, and in the past the need to produce large volumes of packaging for each SKU was one of the biggest issues when it came to packaging for start up’s.

No longer an issue, Read Labels and Packaging can produce packaging and labels as you need, with smaller MOQ’s enabling your business to grow, with premium packaging that is on brand, every time.