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MICE 2019

The annual Melbourne International Coffee Expo is just around the corner and we are looking forward to introducing digitally printed stand up pouches with coffee valves to the coffee segment during the exhibition.

Best Before

Food Packaging Date Marks: The Things To Note

Best before dates, use by dates, expiration dates - are they all the same? Here we breakdown the difference between different date markings on food packaging and labels, and what you should look out for.


Why Flexible Packaging?

The age old question every small business owner asks themselves before stepping into the world of food manufacturing. What's the difference between putting your product in say, a box rather than a stand up pouch? Can opting for flexible packaging really help with your product sales? Keep reading to find out more ...

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Redesigning The Brand: Get Raw

How important is branding? Could a simple redesign become the game-changer you were looking for? It was for the mother and daughter duo who created the swedish based snack company, Get Raw. While we did not manufacture the flexible packaging featured in this article, we do have the capabilities to produce similar products.


Flexible Packaging Developments

The recent feature of our HP Indigo 20000 Printing Press on Print 21 has been exciting for both us and the print and packaging market. But what's in it for you?

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Q&A panel with Print21 + PKN LIVE

We had the amazing opportunity to have our managing director, Ross Read, speak at Print21 + PKN LIVE forum in Sydney. The forum focussed on new developments in the packaging and print world, where Ross was part of a panel of three addressing the game changing technologies that is driving the digital print industry


How to boost your new brand's shelf appeal in 4 easy steps!

How do you ensure your new food brand commands immediate attention from passing shoppers? Discover the 4 vital things you need to know about your product's centre seal bags design today.

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Best 5 supermarket food packaging tips: A walkthrough.

So, you've managed to get your products into the supermarket… now what? How do you make sure your brand stands out from the seemingly endless choice of similar products displayed nearby?

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Start-ups – want to know how to make your flexible packaging more affordable? Read this.

If you're a start-up product business, you probably lack the marketing spend and visibility of established brands but there's one thing you can do to beat them at their own game.