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Multi-SKU printing and smaller minimums help bring natural Australian Bushfood to tables Australia wide.

The Australian Superfood Co is working with Indigenous communities to preserve and bring Australian Bushfood to the tables of many. These nutritional and traditional foods have been sustaining Australia's Indigenous families for centuries and are now getting the recognition they deserve world-wide thanks in part to the team at The Australian Superfood Co.

Since 2015 Hayley and the team have been working with industry leaders to focus on the preservation of these Australian natives as product supply and consistency was an issue in the beginning. Now, buying larger quantities of these fruits, nut's and herbs when they are in season is part of the process, conserving them so supply and quality is consistent throughout the year for suppliers and lovers of these unique foods.

With the need to conserve and preserve these foods to guarantee freshness all year-round packaging for the brand is paramount in the process. "Freshness of our products is a must, to help preserve the shelf life, taste and aroma of these beautiful native ingredients" Hayley Blieden - The Australian Superfood Co.

Working with Read Labels & Packaging since the beginning, "the resealable stand up pouch, works well for maintaining freshness, and is also user friendly and space saving in a home pantry. As well as looking presentable on our wholesale customer's store shelf" Hayley says.

The ability to print multiple SKU's and smaller minimums helps The Australian Super Food Co add products to their range that may be in limited supply seasonally or a totally new product. Being able to test the market with a small volume of product in a cost-effective way is a great help for this small business.

"RLP helped with being able to offer a cost-effective price on a smaller print run for these ingredients, this really helps us as a small business" Hayley Blieden - The Australian Superfood Co.

This unique small business is paving the way for many in the Indigenous communities, by helping to create jobs in regional areas through some of their strong business partnerships with the Wadeye and Maningrida Communities in the Northern Territory as well as throughout Australia.

Hayley recently visited Waverley Industries who provide meaningful employment to those with special needs and toured the facility where The Australian Super Food Co products are packaged for sale. It is partnerships like these we love to see in the food and beverage industry in Australia and admire The Australian Super Food Co for creating such a thoughtful brand.

Visit the Australian Super Food Co website now to view the unique range of products and their new look packaging that is getting them some attention!

For further information on the communities and businesses mentioned please visit the links below.

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