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Experienced support without a huge investment is a proven winner for a start-up ready to grow!

Getting rave reviews from a client during the ordering process was a great pat on the back for the team at RLP as David from CLEAN ’N’ JERKY recently became one of our biggest fans - long before the first order was confirmed!

We reached out to ask David a few questions about why and how working with RLP has helped him get his product launch ready because ensuring we are on the right track in terms of helping our customers, as a small business is something we like to check in on constantly. It’s also great to be able to share why we love doing what we do; from a customer point of view.

Why an experienced flexible packaging partner matters.

Working closely with Sriya from our team, David initially found our ability not only to provide smaller MOQs and multi-SKU printing a value add for his small business, he also appreciated the help he received to get a clear understanding of the process of ordering product packaging and help with ensuring he chose the right flexible packaging for his range of products; jerky.

By being able to chat to a real person on the other end of a quick chat or email thread while he and our team worked through getting the new CLEAN ’N’ JERKY flexible packaging set up for the first time ahead of the launch David gained the confidence he needed to make decisions about his new flexible packaging and get his new look product off the ground with its new and improved three side seal flexible pouches (3SS).

David was looking to upgrade the CLEAN ’N’ JERKY product packaging and brand perception from a craft-type look to a fully-fledged retail-ready brand by improving his packaging. After researching the competition to see what they were doing right (or wrong in some cases), he found that “Packaging in the jerky industry means everything. All dried beef looks the same and it’s the packaging that differentiates one brand from the other; it’s what gets the consumer interested. We had to improve our offering if we were going to make a dent in a category abundant with competition” says David.

Happy Customer with Clean ‘N’ Jerky products.
Before: A very happy customer with his Clean ‘N’ Jerky products. After: A fresh new look 3SS pouch ready for retail, and many more happy customers!

Just like most of our newest clients, a little guidance from our experienced team during the research phase, samples on hand to try for themselves and support during the artwork approval stage is what has our clients feeling confident by the time they place that first initial order for labels or packaging. For David, it was this service and support that has him now saying ‘I will always use RLP in the future”. Thanks David!

How smaller minimums made a big impact on the packaging budget.

We know it's a significant investment for a small business to launch a new product, or products to market, it’s the initial reason we moved to all digital printing many years ago, the flexibility.

Along with the customer service during the stage when David was ‘saving his pennies’ for his business launch, it was also the ability to be able to print smaller minimums and multiple SKUs within the same print run that assured him he was making the right decision for his business model. Allowing his business to put its best foot forward when it came to launching its new look flexible packaging and reaching out to retailers with view to getting the CLEAN ’N’ JERKY brand in stores, and on shelves without a huge financial outlay and minimal risk.

The original order for CLEAN ’N’ JERKY was 2000 3SS flexible pouches that included 6 SKUs. David included a euro slot within the design, making the product completely retail ready, able to be conveniently placed as a hang-sell product depending on the retailer's needs. A transparent window works well in place alongside the printed branding and flavour information, clearly identifiable by potential new loyal fans of the product.

Clean ’N’ Jerky Flexible Packaging SKUs

“As a small business on a very tight budget, I needed to find somewhere that does short runs and multiple SKUs. In short, it's the customer service I received from RLP and the ability to remain flexible with the packaging that easily convinced me I had found the right packaging partner for my business’.

The impact of new flexible packaging on business was almost instant.

Since launching, David has noticed a lot of retailers are taking his brand more seriously, with the move from a ‘craft’ type business to an actual ‘business’ being seen as a successful one. The improvement in packaging has opened up several new leads that have the brand looking at a 60% increase year on year after just a few short months after receiving the new packaging.

Why Read Labels and Packaging for flexible packaging?

We pride ourselves on being in touch with start-ups and small businesses that want to make an impact in their categories without the need for huge investments in packaging. The ability to move with the market and remain flexible within their business is imperative to their success. Whether it be a small change to their branded packaging, or an opportunity to release and trial a new product in the market, we aim to be there to help them make it happen quickly.

From the get-go, we are there with advice, support and the information you need to be able to make decisions about your packaging confidently, approve artwork and orders easily and remain in the loop throughout the processing of your order. Meaning there are no surprises come delivery time, usually in approximately three weeks from order approval.

Thank you to David from CLEAN ’N’ JERKY for sharing his journey through the re-branding and launch of his product range recently. We look forward to being able to share his success as the brand grows.