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Cosmetic packaging in Australia - keeping it Australian made.

The cosmetic industry market is flooded with beautiful packaging, and target audiences are looking for products that make them feel good and look good, so packaging plays an integral part in attracting the right audience for your product.

Cosmetic packaging has many categories, from skincare, body care, makeup and fragrance, all products that rely on well-branded packaging for sales. Cosmetic packaging in Australia can vary from high-end premium products to natural, more down-to-earth brands, with all categories requiring different packaging types and labels that meet the target audience's expectations.

Beauty cosmetic stand up pouch Seventeen 70 Botanicals

Stand up pouches for cosmetics.

The Read Labels and Packaging team have helped many in the beauty and cosmetic industry with stand up pouches for products such as bath salts, infused teas, collagen-based food products and supplements. Stand up pouches and sachets provide an opportunity to fully brand packaging while keeping it contained in an easy-to-use flexible packaging option. Sachets provide brands with the opportunity to give customers sample sized products, or single-use beauty products. They can be used for products such as eye masks, skincare creams and more.

Stand up pouches provide a fully branded pouch that is easy to open and resealable. While they can be completely opaque, they are also available in clear, with transparent windows that allow an easy view of the product inside.

White label cosmetic dropper bottle packaging

Premium product labels for beauty brands.

Cosmetic packaging often uses premium labels on uniquely shaped bottles, tubes and even boxes. Labels can be embellished and designed to perfectly align with all branding requirements and to attract the right target market. High-end labels can increase the perception of a product by adding the level of quality a buyer is looking for.

Read labels and packaging digitally printed labels allow brands to create the look they require without the need for bulk orders.

Cosmetic beauty packaging labels

Remaining flexible in a fast-moving product category.

The ability to print smaller minimums and multiple SKUs within each print run makes RLP a value-for-money option when it comes to Australian made packaging and product labels. By remaining flexible with packaging and labels in smaller minimums brands are able to remain agile in a sometimes very fast-moving product category, bringing new products to market when opportunities arise or making changes to their product offering as the market shifts focus; all without the risk of having invested in large amounts of product labels.

Read Labels and Packaging was one of the first to move to all digital printing because we saw the potential to help start ups and small manufacturers get their product to the market, looking great without the sometimes huge investments of the past. Digital printing allows for minimums as low as 2000 for flexible packaging and labels to be printed and due to the digital nature, printing multiple product lines within the one print run does not incur further costs.

The flexibility is amazing, the quality is second to none and we are passionate about seeing smaller brands go to market looking ready to compete with more established brands.

All packaging products by RLP are made right here at our Melbourne head office, the quick turnaround time for brands and the ability to talk directly to the team creating the packaging and labels is why we have such a good reputation in the packaging industry. We welcome appointments for tours, we are happy to send product samples and the team is available to help with your enquiries regarding cosmetic packaging and labels.

Find out more about our range or reach out to arrange product samples and a discussion about your packaging needs today.