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Digital Print Packaging vs Traditional Print Packaging

Stand up pouches branded Honeybird on black background surrounded by fruit.

Here at RLP we have been spruiking the benefits of digital printing since we sighted the technology when it was new to the printing world; especially here in Australia. We were blown away with the results and the possibilities for businesses looking for food and product packaging and so, we made the move to become the first in Australia to switch completely to digital print for our labelling process; quickly followed by a move into completely digitally printed flexible packaging.

Clear benefits to digital print packaging.

Always having been passionate about helping small business and startups the benefits of digital packaging really stack up for those getting started with benefits that include:

  • Smaller required minimum order quantities;

  • The ability to print multiple SKUs in one print run;

  • Multiple finishes and embellishments available;

  • Smaller investment requirement;

  • High setup costs are a thing of the past;

  • High quality graphics;

Just the smaller minimum order quantities and multi SKU printing abilities alone are a huge win for small businesses and startups looking for food packaging to trial a new brand or range in the market without the need for large investments. With a large list of features and design elements available for digitally printed product packaging it's hard to imagine why businesses wouldn’t love the benefits.

Behind the scenes slitting product labels for Sweet Addiction brand

By taking advantage of the ability to print what you need, when you need it, business are able to quickly and without large investment:

  • Add seasonal product to their range;

  • Manage stock levels efficiently;

  • Rebrand and refresh packaging;

  • Add a limited edition product to the range;

  • Trial new product in the market;

  • Add new product/flavour to a range;

  • Quick turnaround times (Made in Melbourne);

Making smaller investments in packaging for small to medium businesses and startups allows them the freedom and flexibility to really find a niche in the market and stand proudly next to the big guns of the industry without having to break the bank.

Premium digital print packaging looks great on shelf and can include embellishments and unique features that can help make it your own, and really create branding that attracts attention. The need for high cost, large minimum order quantities for traditional printing methods is now not required to make waves in the market with new products.

We have seen small businesses and startups launch new products successfully by implementing digital printing from the start and shared just some of their winning stories on our blog. Just some of the benefits they love about working with us for their food packaging are:

  • The ability to speak to their own account manager when required;

  • Clear communication throughout the process;

  • The ability to visit our facility to gain a better understanding;

  • Knowledgeable account managers that are happy to help;

  • Support from the design team when required;

  • Guidance in flexible packaging and labelling selection;

  • FREE sample to see, touch and try.

Why don't we love traditional printing methods for our client’s?

With setup time greatly reduced by using only digital files to get food packaging and labels manufactured the savings to business are two fold; creating packaging using traditional printing methods involves the cost of preparing plates that are rendered obsolete with digital printing. Traditionally businesses looking to use traditional printing methods would have the cost of a full set of plates PLUS labour added to the first order for set up, and if any changes were made to repeat orders, you guessed it...another set of plates added more cost to the investment.

From the get go, digital printing methods are easier to set up when it comes time to print and manufacture with the process taking just minutes, no plates required. Everything is prepared prior during pre-press and confirmed between the designer and client. Once the digital file has been prepared using the correct digital templates and files it is sent to press, printing can take just minutes to set up.

Friday Monkey wine labels being printed on digital print machine

Just some of the aspects of traditional printing that don't suit our clients include:

  • Larger minimum order quantities (up to 10,0000 units per SKU!);

  • Added setup costs;

  • Increased labor costs;

  • Large wait times with most sourced overseas;

  • Overseas manufacturing;

  • Larger investment required;

  • Lack of flexibility in the market;

What is right for you?

When it comes to your packaging and business needs both digital printing and more traditional printing methods have their advantages and disadvantages, sourcing larger volumes of packaging and investing thousands may suit your business model and product line and traditional printing methods may be the right avenue for you; however we like to keep it personal.

We are passionate about helping startups and smaller businesses remain flexible in their approach to bringing new products to market. Seeing ‘mum & dad’ type businesses and eager entrepreneurs with that excitement in their voice as they tell us what their big idea is gives us all the feels and we want to see them succeed; to do that some need to start off small, and that’s where we step in.

Happy to help with ideas, inspiration and all the know-how around flexible packaging and labelling. We aren't scared to show you what our products are, what the features are of each flexible packaging product and explain the process. When you need to source food packaging and labelling our people know their stuff and would be happy to walk you through, so you can be sure when you make a choice to order your product packaging or labels with us, you can do it with complete confidence.

Find a packaging and labelling solution that suits your brand with a wide range of options that include:

  • Standup pouches;

  • Centre seal pouches;

  • Sachets and 3SS;

  • Product labels;

Reach out today and let’s get your big idea on the shelf sooner.