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Melbourne start up @fareastalchemy is going strong after their recent launch, and with packaging like this, the brand is ready to take on the big guns of the supplement industry by introducing new Asian inspired flavours that have been severely lacking in the past.

After not being able to find sports supplements they enjoyed themselves, Alric and Ophie set out to create the ultimate sports drink, with a taste they would actually enjoy, and the result... a booming start for a new Melbourne business.

The name Far East Alchemy stems from the 'Far East' representing the Asian flavours they love with 'Alchemy' stemming from their determination to create a taste that is pure perfection.

Providing essential fuel for those who pursue an active lifestyle, athletes and those who want the best quality supplements for their bodies, those looking for a good whey powder are regularly met with a range of clinical looking protein powders that are severely lacking in unique flavours. Often being given a choice of only western inspired flavours.

Inspired by the unique Asian flavours that are missing in the industry, the brand aims to bring a diverse range of choices into the market, and so they have created a brand that promises something different. Far East Alchemy has positioned itself as a game changer in the sports nutrition industry, designing a whey protein powder that tastes like the much-loved milk tea but 'whey' better.

With packaging that leaves behind the clinical looking designs that many supplements have taken on, from the minute it catches your eye, you know you are looking at something unique. Inspired by movement and activity, the bold bright multi coloured designs of the Far East Alchemy packaging was perfectly suited to digital print solutions.

After finding a packaging supplier that was Australian based, and local to the team, Alric from Far East Alchemy brought his designs to Read Labels and Packaging.

After finding we were excited to get involved in the project and passionate about helping small business and start-ups, he was ready to hit the ground running with confidence.

Creating a collection of product packaging that fits the unique branding from the get-go is imperative for new brands and business to represent their product in the best light. Our ability to create multi SKU packaging with smaller minimums allowed Far East Alchemy to create the 1kg stand-up pouches for their unique product, as well as sample sachets required to take the product to the market and give end users a taste of their product in packaging that fits the branding of the product 'to the tea' and creates consistency across the range.

The sample sachets are perfectly suited to show off the individuality of the Far East Alchemy brand and give those looking to make gains in the gym the opportunity to 'try before you buy' with a taste test before dipping into a 1kg bag. Watch the video to see the process of creating three side seal sample sachets for this Melbourne start up.

Products provided for Far East Alchemy include;

  • Three Side Seal Sachets
  • Stand Up Pouches

Find out more and follow the Far East Alchemy journey @fareastalchemy We look forward to seeing this brand grow, and. to trying the next flavour!