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As owners of a gym themselves, Jack and Chloe from the Surf Coast here in Victoria took their passion for fitness to the next level when they saw gym spaces (including their own F45 in Torquay) affected by rolling lockdowns in 2020.

Neat Nutrition business owners with their dog standing in water at beach

Uncertain times leads to product launch with stand up pouch packaging.

The business savvy couple used the uncertain times to widen their business profile in an attempt to keep things rolling during lockdowns. Moving to supply a product that perfectly compliments their existing business they have succeeded in helping people find a nutritional supplement that not only supports their needs nutritionally, but is also unique to their own community with elements of the branding giving a beach vibe unique to the brand's stand up pouch packaging.

Taking the plunge to pivot into a whole new industry, Jack and Chloe, the creators of Neat Nutrition used their combined fitness knowledge to continue to be active in the fitness community while their already established business (a local gym) was temporarily closed during Covid lockdowns. What they created was a brand new range of protein to fuel active bodies as well as a business that could continue safely while they worked from home with an online presence.

As the couple's journey into the nutrition industry began in mid 2020 we chatted to them to help them find a flexible packaging solution to suit both their product needs and their business model. As a startup, understandably the Neat Nutrition team wanted to get started without the need to make a huge investment in large quantities of stand up pouches or packaging.

The Read Labels and Packaging stand up pouch had instant appeal for their brand by offering the flexibility of smaller minimum order quantities and the ability to print multiple SKUs within the same print run.

Stand up pouches lined up on wooden bench at beach setting.

The benefits of stand up pouches. 

  • Resealable zipper closure
  • Easy tear open notch
  • Can be fully branded
  • Flexible and hard wearing to prevent damage in transport
  • Smaller print minimums
  • Multiple SKU printing
  • Economical and
  • Looks great on shelf and online!

Speaking with Sriya from the RLP team helped with understanding of the whole process, with Jack saying “The fact that they were able to chat to an actual person to gain all the answers they needed was invaluable throughout the process”.

Neat Nutrition has just launched with their new fully branded packaging after taking some time to ensure they got their branding and products just right by working on the brand and packaging with Josie a Graphic Designer also local to the Surf Coast in Victoria Jack and Chloe finalised the packaging design with the stand up pouch design including elements from Neat Nutrition’s birthplace along the Surf Coast and clear ocean blues that we love!

Stand up pouch food packaging with Neat Nutrition branding

Using stand up pouches for their brand not only enables the Neat Nutrition products to stand proudly on shelf and look great, they also give the end consumer the ability to use the product straight from the pantry with ease. The resealable zipper closure on the stand up pouch allows the product to remain fresher for longer, right in its original packaging and is a great reminder of the brand everytime a customer opens the pantry!

It has been great to see Jack and Chloe get their products on shelf after watching their progression through the journey from concept to creation.

Ask us about why our digital print stand up pouch might be the flexible packaging solution your brand is looking for - contact us now.

Visit the Neat Nutrition website to find out more about this unique Victorian business and their great supplement flavours.