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How to get started with flexible packaging for your business.

When you start producing products for your business, you also need to create packaging that will get your product flying off the shelf. So how do you decide if a packaging supplier is a right fit for your business?

Finding the right flexible packaging supplier for your business.

Your packaging supplier will become an essential part of your team in a product-based business. When choosing a packaging supplier, it is vital to choose one that can help you make informed decisions about:

  • The type of flexible packaging available;
  • What kind of flexible packaging will suit your product needs for freshness, size and functionality;
  • What packaging has the potential to be designed best suit your brand;
  • Features and benefits of each type of flexible packaging and options that may add a unique selling point for your product;
  • Packaging trends;
  • Ensuring the packaging fits your business financially (more on this later).

By finding a flexible packaging manufacturer that is knowledgeable in current trends, aspires to keep up with advancements in technology and remains up to date with market movement, you can trust your confidential discussions and questions will be met with professionalism. Keeping up with trends is essential in ensuring your business is always at the forefront of the market regarding product packaging, so choosing your supplier is crucial.

Get your numbers right.

Most decisions within a business rely on getting your numbers right; that is no surprise. With product packaging, it is not only essential to run those numbers for your initial order but also consider the cost of re-ordering, adding additional products to your range orders and any ongoing costs.

When you are looking to start or upscale your business, digital print flexible packaging can give you the benefits you need to reduce risk, retain cash flow and limit the possibility of error as you start. Remaining flexible in your approach to packaging can be the key to success, especially in the early days and for more boutique type businesses.

Getting your numbers right from the beginning can make a big difference to your business. Having someone who understands your needs and those of your business can help you make wise business decisions and ensure your product packaging meets your requirements and is economical.

NOTE: By economical, we do not mean low quality! A good supplier should advise you if a slight difference in size, a change to the finish, material or packaging feature could reduce your overall investment in packaging. Unnoticeable to your end-user; noticeable in your bank account!

Determining suitable flexible packaging for your product needs careful consideration. Your packaging supplier should be able to (and be happy to):

  • Offer advice on more economical options;
  • Provide reasonable MOQ’s (Minimum Order Quantities);
  • Offer multiple SKU (Stock Keeping Units) within your print run;
  • Provide a turnaround that suits your business;
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Are they available?

When you need answers, you need a team that is available for you when you need them. A great packaging supplier will be happy to talk you through your requirements, answer any questions and provide multiple quotes or options if available. An extension of your team, an excellent flexible packaging supplier, will be there to work with you and support you as your business grows.

Look for a flexible packaging supplier that can offer you:

  • Support and advice when choosing the proper product packaging for your product;
  • A dedicated team member you can count on when you need them most;
  • Alternative options and advice on keeping your costs down;
  • Templates and direction for your design team;

Have you got any questions?

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Premium digitally printed flexible product packaging is our focus. As one of the first in Australia to move to digitally printed flexible packaging, we have always been proud to help businesses recognise the advantages of digitally printed packaging to building a flexible, great looking brand.

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