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Tips for choosing the right coffee packaging.

Packaging design and suitable product packaging go hand in hand to make great branding.

Getting your coffee packaging design right and paired with a packaging product that keeps your beans fresh is the key to making a lasting impression on potential customers. Many brands are missing the mark on this and getting the branding right looks-wise, but the freshness isn't there.

In an environment where purchasers shop for a product, you may have only a few seconds to attract their attention. Great looking packaging with clear messaging is vitally important to give your product the best chance of luring that sale. Packaging with benefits, the end-user will appreciate may also add value to your product, such as:

  • Easy open tear notches;
  • Resealable zipper closure;
  • Being able to stand on a shelf unsupported;
  • One way valve;

Having great looking packaging that can be popped in the pantry between uses is a great way to make your product appealing to the end-user. It is also a great reminder of your brand when they reach for the coffee.

What can I do to get my product packaging noticed and remembered?

Stand up pouches, and side-gusset pouches are the way to go when it comes to keeping coffee products fresh. The ability to add a one-way valve to de gas your product is an inexpensive way to make a difference to the product's freshness and promote repeat customers that appreciate your product. Digital print can help your branding stand out against competitors on the shelf to gain that initial sale.

Digitally printed flexible coffee packaging allows you to create fully branded food packaging that is suitable for keeping your roasted coffee beans fresher for longer. It can have your product looking great without a significant investment in packaging, great for startups and small businesses that need the flexibility with their product range.

Making a move to digitally printed flexible packaging can benefit your business by allowing you to order smaller minimums and multiple product SKUs within the same order, and design your product your way, with almost every surface being able to be printed, suiting any brand guidelines.

Kraft look paper bags are a big trend in coffee packaging however, traditional paper-based bags may not be suited to keeping products fresh for long; the alternative, however, is digitally printed stand up pouches and side gusset pouches (a box bottom bag alternative) designed with the kraft look. This gives your brand the kraft paper vibe, paired with the freshness your customers will appreciate. Digital print packaging allows your designer to add any design to your artwork, including recycled paper effects. Any design within your artwork files will then be printed directly from your file so that you can have the look; and the freshness.

Recyclable coffee packaging.

Sustainable and recyclable packaging in the coffee industry is a trend that will not be going anywhere soon and with good reason. Making choices that are best for the environment should be of great concern for any business. Ensuring those choices are correct without believing the hype; is also very important.

Flexible packaging essentially is recyclable, but it requires the product packaging to be placed by the end-user in REDcycle bins found in many major supermarkets. In Australia, our kerbside recycling service in most areas does not recycle soft plastics in the way we may be lead to believe. Making it essential for the end-user to investigate the best way to ensure their soft plastic packaging is placed in the correct place for recycling.

Many packaging companies sell coffee packaging labelled as compostable, sustainable or recyclable and in theory, some may be - although the reality of recycling in Australia may give you and your customers those ‘feel good feelings’ for doing the right thing initially, but is it being recycled or ending up in landfill?

Read more about our perspective on recyclable packaging here, and reach out for a more candid discussion.

What style of flexible packaging is best specifically for coffee products?

Side gusset bags are the modern alternative to a box bottom bag with a very similar look and the ability for the packaging to stand-alone unsupported on the shelf. They can give a very premium look to coffee products by being fully printed, adding a one-way valve and allowing for easy packing and heat sealing.

Side gusset pouches have features your customers will appreciate, including:

  • Heat sealed closure for freshness;
  • Stands nicely on shelf;
  • Leak-proof protection;
  • Traditional look;
  • One way valve is an option;

Stand up pouches are fast becoming a popular option for most products, including coffee. They have many features businesses themselves and end-users appreciate, including:

  • Heat sealed closure for freshness;
  • Easy tear open seal;
  • Resealable zipper closure;
  • Leak-proof protection;
  • One way valve is an option;
  • It stands nicely on the shelf;

The ability to easily pack coffee products in a stand up pouch or side gusset pouch gives them a premium look with minimal investment. Allowing businesses to get their products on shelves with branding that can rival the industry's big guns without the need to order large minimum orders, multi SKU print runs can also give a huge advantage to those starting out, allowing businesses to remain flexible in their approach to the industry.

Choosing the right coffee packaging for your product depends on the look and functionality that suits both your branding, and end-user needs. If you are unsure exactly how they look, work and feel, please reach out to us for some advice, and to request a FREE sample pack.

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Will a one-way valve impact my design?

Absolutely not, a one-way valve is virtually unnoticeable with just a few pin size holes visible on the outside of the packaging but can greatly affect the product’s freshness. Find out more about one-way valves here.