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We follow the journey from design to completion with the new product label and branding for Sweet Addiction.

In any packaging process, the first step is communicating with your suppliers about what you are looking for. If you have a specific need, or need some inspiration, consultation with your suppliers will help you along in the right direction for your business.

We find clients generally get a better result when they have a great design team behind them. It enables them to clearly define what they want in their branding as well as ensure the design suits the label or packaging type we are printing. In the case of Sweet Addiction, Griffin Grace working in conjunction with Kelila and ourselves throughout ensured a great result on finishes and the end product for their labels but also by reviewing the specific requirements of Sweet Addiction we were able to reduce the overall and ongoing spend on printing costs. A great plus for any small business.

Find out how the partnership worked to create a rebrand with impact HERE on our recent blog.

We had the opportunity to follow the Sweet Addiction product labels throughout the production process to share with you just how digitally printed labels are made:

Read Label and Printing Printing Process Digital Printer

The process

After the initial packaging and label design has been decided upon by the client and the designer, the correct files are supplied by the designer to suit the exact specifications for our label printer. We work hand in hand with the designer and client to ensure any files are correct, supplying any templates along the way for convenience and accuracy.

From here files are checked and any testing takes place before the final printing begins. Our printer checks all details of the project as the first rolls of print are produced, carefully checking colour, finish and sizing to ensure all is 100% on track and looking great!


The files are transferred to our printer on the day of the run and once our printer presses go; the project is monitored throughout the process. View the video of the full process below to watch as we print, slit, foil, die cut and varnish the labels for Sweet Addiction.


The labels are printed onto whole reels of backing initially and not yet at the size and shape for use on product and are at this stage unusable as a label for the customer. The reels of print are required to be slit to size prior to any further work being carried out. Our team takes their time to carefully set up each roll of labels to ensure the slitting will be 100% accurate and the finished result is spot on and perfectly suited to the client needs. In this case Sweet Addiction required 45 SKUs for this project with each SKUs label being the same size. Find out about the cost cutting decision to move forward with product labels of the same size on our blog HERE.


Adding a foil finish to a product label can really bring a design to life, and for Sweet Addiction this was a key element in the design of their product packaging and labelling. After the rolls of digitally printed labels have been through the slitting process they are fed through the foiling machine and the final touch in the design process is complete.

Diecutting and varnishing

Prior to a product label project being finalised the diecutting and varnishing process ensures each individual label is able to be easily removed by the client and placed on the product. Depending on the project this process is where the product labels are finished either for hand labelling by the client, or by the clients labelling machine. For Sweet Addiction it is hand labelling all the way, a special touch to these handmade creations from Kelila.

The varnishing process ensures a longer lasting finish on labels and helps it to resist wear and tear when a product is in transit or on the shelf. The last process in a digitally printed label making project from here the labels are sent to the client for addition to their new product packaging.

In this case the labels created for Sweet Addiction are part of the final touch to their re-brand and the end result is an eye-catching product on shelf. Find out more about the re-brand partnership HERE.

Watch the process as we printed the Sweet Addiction foil product labels HERE and find out more about how its done.

Be sure to visit Sweet Addiction to view the beautiful newly rebranded range and chat to Griffin Grace about their experience in label and packaging design.

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