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Worth a closer look...Puss & Mew product labels.

A gorgeous looking product just launched in November 2021 was the brainchild of Deb and Brett built from a passion for Gin, the love of a good story and with the patience that any new startup needed to continue with plans through Covid setbacks. Puss & Mew is not just a product, it's a brand that incorporates both product and a beautiful new venue in Nunawading Victoria.

We spoke to Deb about the thoughts behind her branding and labelling to delve a little deeper into their beautiful product labels and take a closer look behind the brand. 

Puss & Mew Gin was inspired by the legend of a gin-slinger that devised the world’s first vending machine to evade liquor laws that restricted the sale of alcohol during the 18th century. It came in the form of an old tomcat in the window that later became the Puss & Mew where people would walk up and say “puss, puss, do you have any gin?” and a small drawer would open up to accept a coin and return gin to the recipients awaiting cup. From a cheeky little story found by Brett is now the inspiration behind the brand.

Puss & Mew labelled Gin with clear bottle blue and black product labelling

With a vision for their product labels and branding Deb and Brett, along with their children (young adults) came up with a few ideas that would really bring Puss & Mew into its own. Working closely with their packaging & brand designer the final product labels and branding were created to incorporate the botanical shapes of each flavour's individual ingredients along with an image of a cat, to represent the original character from the cheeky story that brought about the name of the business and products themselves.

With gorgeous yellows for the honey coconut flavours, blue for juniper based bottles and spiced turkish delight, a gorgeous shade of pink, the high end product is one that looks amazing on shelf. Working to ensure the product labels were of the highest standards using textured material that we have used many times for the wine industry. Deb and Brett worked closely with their designer and Ross here at RLP to make sure every detail, finish and effect was created to the highest standard.

Coming to Read Labels and Packaging after hearing good things about us within the industry Deb was impressed that from the initial call, Ross ‘just got what we needed’ and was on point with understanding what end result they were trying to achieve. As they progressed through the design, quoting and manufacturing phase of the labels, the relationship between the three parties was paramount in ensuring every detail was taken care of.

Puss & Mew Spiced Turkish Delight Gin on white background with pink and black product labels

The Puss & Mew labels comprise of two labels with some special details that allowed Deb and Brett to achieve the transparent look on the bottle they so wanted to achieve. The two pieces of the Puss & Mew product labels include:

  • The branded label on the front of the bottle is a matt black with a textured finish logo and product name on a square label with rounded corners. A higher GSM label and a textured finish on the logo to create an embossed finish gives a higher-end feel to the label that we would normally use for products in the wine industry.

  • The feature artwork product label on the back of the Puss & Mew bottles creates the 3D look that brings the concept to life. It is created by layering materials together carefully to create the 3D look from the front of the bottle. It has been created by adding the colourful artwork onto a clear layer on one side of the label and layering a high GSM label together to create a non-transparent label that gives the 3D look from the front of the bottle without showing the product information label on the back.

Puss & Mew Signature Dry Gin on white background with white label

The end result is a high-end product label that really attracts attention.

As self described Fine Gin Merchants they say ‘All good things take time’ and the process behind their products certainly did as they took the better part of two years to experiment, research and build a family business from the ground up. We are looking forward to seeing where Deb and Brett take their new business in the future. With such passion for the product they are certainly ones to watch in the market.

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