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A unique product offering paired with stand up pouches to impress.

A start-up with a unique product offering + Read Labels and Packaging has made for a true performer in the branding race. Tyler, the Director of Spark Performance was looking for a packaging partner that could assist with small MOQs for fully branded packaging that would help see the brand launch with great-looking packaging.

Spark Performance Energy Gum Stand Up Pouch

Looking for a small 50g stand up pouch for their natural energy gum, Tyler says that “Read Labels and Packaging were the only supplier with such a wide available range we could find”.

Read Labels & Packaging were the first and only packaging suppliers we contacted and this was for a number of reasons. Firstly as a small start-up, we needed a partner with small MOQs that allowed us to print multiple flavours and Read was fantastic with that. We also endeavour to use Australian suppliers for every part of our business and RLP being based in Melbourne with a fantastic onsite customer team was a massive plus for us” Tyler - Spark Performance.

The Spark Performance stand up pouches enabled the brand to hit the market with great looking packaging designed to stand out on the shelf and attract attention in the retail space. The packaging design includes clear messaging and prominent branding for the performance-enhancing gum that includes bright yellow and black design elements that encourage ‘Chew more do more’.

Spark Performance Energy Gum

As packaging suppliers to many unique businesses and start ups the Read Labels and Packaging team is excited to see smaller brands and new small businesses launch new products in the market. Passionate about seeing new brands launch products in their category with great success is part of the reason we moved to digital printing. The first to take flexible packaging fully digital in Australia, it was important to us to be able to offer smaller minimum orders and multi-SKU printing that allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of the market and remain agile by partnering with a digital print flexible packaging supplier.

Tyler says “Since launching, our dark packaging with bright yellow elements jumps out to customers and from the retailers and gyms we've currently partnered with their feedback is that it stands out really well on the shelf and customers always grab the packet to have a bit of a better look when they walk past.

Read's quality service and great product offering have been a massive part of how we've been able to expand rapidly without having to order more packets than we can afford which has allowed us to invest the bulk of our resources into our marketing, therefore allowing us to get the word out about our new and unique product as quickly and effectively as possible”.

Using a 50g stand up pouch with easy tear open seals and a resealable zipper for their packaging, Spark Performance is now a premium looking product that stands unsupported on shelf (while looking great!) and gives the end user a convenient resealable pouch that is easily used for each serving and sealed fresh for the next natural hit of caffeine. Customers love the convenience and it serves as a great reminder of the brand each time they reach for it.

Energy Gum  - Spark Performance

Spark Performance was launched by Tyler earlier this year and is starting to see great success in the retail market both within gyms and retailers and online. Located in the Gold Coast, Queensland by the self-confessed full-time caffeine addict it was the growing barista fees (and growing waistline) that got Tyler looking for an alternative caffeine supplement that would maximise results without the nasties. No calories, no yellowing teeth paired with a great taste Spark Performance Gum was on a journey Read Labels and Packaging is proud to be part of.

Spark performance saw great success with its first order and has since re-ordered their stand up pouches with minimum orders of 2,000 at a time with multiple SKUs printed within their print runs. This has allowed the small business to print what they need, when they need it to keep up with demand for each SKU and make small changes to their packaging design to meet the needs of larger retailers as their product begins to see great success!

“The packaging has been great for us and one of the main reasons we've done pretty well and stand out on the shelves so much”

Find out more about Spark Performance via their website and keep an eye on this brand, we believe you will be seeing them everywhere soon!