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How to upscale your business and reduce costs with digital print flexible packaging.

Dotted through the pages of our website and blog you will find many mentions of minimum orders (MOQs) and Multi SKU printing being of benefit for your business. Here, we dig into just how smaller minimums and multi SKU printing paired with your own account manager at RLP can help your business scale up and reduce costs by taking advantage of the benefits of digital print packaging and labels.

Three coffee packaging stand up pouches with one way valve with coffee beans

Our clients love the ability to move with the times by making the most of the ability to print what they need when they need.

Cost wise here is what they tell us time after time:

  • Moving to digital printing saved them printing volumes of 10,000+ per SKU;

  • Working with RLP for stand up pouches and digital print packaging and labels helped them get the packaging they needed without HUGE minimums;

  • With other suppliers the MOQs were so large their new business was at a stand still without the funds to move forward;

  • The ability to print multiple SKU’s alongside smaller minimums has allowed them to print what they need, when they need without huge expense;

  • Our team helped them sort fact from fiction and in some cases a tweak of original design or sizing has saved their hip pocket AND got them the results they were looking for;

Many of the client stories we have shared on our blog share what smaller minimums have done for their business with some standing out as reminders of why we do what we do. With a passion for helping small business and startups get their products on shelf in great packaging hear why we love these stories below and pop over to their blog to read the full success stories!

Freezer suitable flexible packaging branded Catering At Its Finest.

Catering At Its Finest.

‘After chatting to RLP (Read Labels & Packaging) Halimy soon realized that her packaging did not need to be as big of an investment as she thought. Previously being advised that packaging minimums were up to 10,000 per SKU from other printers, RLP's smaller minimums meant less of a risk to this small start-up business and allowed Catering At Its Finest the opportunity to grow without potentially being stuck with huge amounts of packaging before testing the market’. 

Read the full story HERE.

Colourful stand up pouches on white background

Ted and Mems.

The ability to easily order and have smaller minimums of packaging printed as required is a huge advantage to any business to reduce the risk of unnecessary packaging being printed. Ted & Mems is smart about their packaging orders, ensuring they make use of the Multi SKU printing within their small minimum packaging runs. Not having to invest in 10,000 stand up pouches per product is a huge win for any small business and Sarah from Ted and Mems is very much taking advantage of this ability while she keeps her business small...for now. Ready to scale up when she is ready to put her foot down! 

Read the full story HERE.

Food packaging that is as flexible as you need to be.

When it comes to getting your product on shelf or online, your product design can be crucial in ensuring it gets noticed BUT for your bottom line when it comes to cost of packaging or labelling it can be where your profit is affected and often not considered by businesses when sourcing products. Heading online to find an idea of packaging and pricing can be a great idea, but chatting to the experts in person can save your pocket when it's time to proceed with your packaging and labelling.

We find many startups and new businesses have a good idea of what they are looking for when they come to us for packaging but may not be aware of small tweaks to sizing or specifications that can get them a great result AND save them in the long run.

Chatting to our team when you are starting out can help get your flexible packaging or labelling requirements sorted in no time. Here to answer your questions, send samples and in some cases arrange a tour of our facility. Having the ability to speak directly to your account manager means you can order with confidence rather than heading online to confirm with hesitancy.

Sweet Addiction recently came to us after a recommendation from Melbourne design studio Griffin Grace to find a solution for their product labels as they looked to rebrand. We recently spoke with Kelila about how she found the process of rebranding with Griffin Grace and ordering her rebranded labels with Read Labels & Packaging. One thing that helped Kelila move forward with confidence was the process of chatting about materials, finishes and the label making process during the visit to RLP.

Product labels on clear stand up pouches branded Sweet Addiction.

Sweet Addiction.

‘Ross and Kelila did some product testing (the labels not the sweets!), also calculating the sizing of the label that would allow for printing across multiple SKUs using less material, labour and leaving the window open for flexibility when returning for smaller print runs. With a slight size change to what was originally in mind, the cost of the print run was significantly reduced; a welcome change to the rebrand budget for Sweet Addiction’. 

Read the full story HERE.

We work to make a difference to the way you think about packaging.

There are many things we get asked during an initial chat that we love to clear up with businesses to help them find the right fit and while many are very similar and surround topics such as sustainability, minimum orders, and pricing, it is often the questions we ask about your product and business that help us find the right fit for you and in some cases help you get your packaging noticed on shelf for less.

So when you call us to speak to our expert team, don’t be surprised if we ask you some questions you weren't expecting but be assured, its all for a good reason and we may just find a packaging or labelling solution that WOW’s, without hitting you too hard in the hip pocket.

Reach out now and let’s chat about your packaging requirements.