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Why look to stand up pouches as a packaging choice?

Flexible packaging, in particular standup pouches can be a great choice for many businesses as they can be perfectly suited to so many product types. Along with the flexibility to suit product types that can include:

  • Tea and coffee;
  • Bakery goods;
  • Beauty products;
  • Organic goods;
  • Pet food;
  • Nutritional supplements & more.
Two hands holding colourful All Real Protein stand up pouch product

Our clients make the most of the ability to brand stand up pouches on almost every surface with their own designs and truly make them stand out from the crowd. Branding food packaging in your own unique way is one of the advantages of digital printing that can help your product get noticed alongside your competitor's product. With only seconds to attract the attention of passersby, having product packaging that stands proudly on shelf with easily identifiable features can be essential to building a brand that gets recognised.

Packaging design is limited only by your imagination.

Digitally printed food product packaging can include special effects and design elements that can really bring your packaging design to life. With design features available in stand up pouch packaging that can help your product get noticed on the shelf and minimums that will help keep your business model agile, why wouldn’t you look at stand up pouches for your products?

Design features of stand up pouches can include anything from clear windows & metallic elements to crisp coloured graphics. With digital printing having the ability to print virtually any finish and detailing you may require, you can even replicate the very popular kraft paper look and metallic highlights with digital printing.

Three stand up pouch products branded Rock the Shazbah on bench with food.

Working with your designer to create packaging that is unique to your brand with elements the customer is looking for is key to ensuring your product packaging is working for your business as much as it can.

Stand up pouches are packed with features your customers will love.

Customers love the boutique look stand up pouches can have. The look and feel of your product can be instantly enhanced by adding your branding to convenient digitally printed stand up pouches that are:

  • Self standing for a premium look;
  • Sealed for freshness with a resealable zip closure;
  • Fully branded, a little reminder of your brand every time they open the pantry;
  • Easy open with tear notches for convenience;
  • One way valve as an option for coffee brands;

We know there are so many product types that are best suited to a stand up pouch. They are so flexible with sizing we see products from the smallest beauty products and tea samples making the most of stand up pouches right up to large volume pet food and sports supplements. Your options are quite endless when looking at digitally printed stand up pouches for your product.

The ability for your customers to add your product straight to their pantry or storage without the need to find alternative storage containers means the convenience is something that keeps them coming back! With easy tear open notches (no need to run for the scissors) and a resealable zip closure your customers can use and store your product right in the original packaging, making it not only convenient, but a great reminder of your brand everytime they help themselves to another serve. With these product features and design elements we find businesses struggle to find a better alternative.  

Flexibility in a market that can move swiftly.

We have shared many specific stories of small businesses and startups that have used our digitally printed flexible packaging to make their mark in a sometimes overcrowded market. With success stories scattered through our blog it's easy to see how the smaller minimums and multi SKU printing helps business enter the market, or move with the market as opportunities arrive.

Startups look to RLP to help sort fact from fiction when it comes to flexible packaging and stand up pouches for their products. Some new entrepreneurs come to us with quotes for 10,000 units per SKU and that alone can see them walk away from product ideas that have what it takes to make a big dent in the market! Our passion is helping businesses take on the big guns of their industry without the need to invest thousands in packaging upfront.

When we chat to our clients we work with them to help them find a packaging solution that will suit their needs in the moment, and allow them to remain agile in the market. Our multi SKU printing within print runs allows for businesses to restock their best sellers and easily add an alternative they may use to benefit from getting seasonal, limited edition products or try an entirely new flavour in the market with perfectly branded packaging from the start.

White stand up pouch in two sizes on white background branded The Australian Superfood Co.

Our friends at The Australian Superfood Co. have directly benefited from Multi SKU printing, the ability to be able to get their hands on packaging for an ingredient that could be in limited supply seasonally or a new product has helped them go to market with small volume product in a cost-effective way. 

Ted and Mems make the most of our small run - low MOQ stand up pouch printing to keep their business on the radar. A small, very flexible business, Sarah loves the fact she can get her hands on locally produced packaging that allows her to stay small, with the potential to scale up as needed when she is ready to take her business to the next level.

Colourful Ted and Mems branded stand up pouches on bench with white background

Chat to the team.

The ability to speak to a real person for advice when you are looking for stand up pouches and flexible packaging for your business is invaluable. That’s why we make sure you have your own account manager and a real person at the end of the call when you are ready to find the perfect solution for your packaging requirements.

Reach out today.